Before purchasing Mixspace Lexicon, please realize that this first release is version 0.5.0. Technically that makes this a beta. All future updates will be made to this asset, so you won’t have to buy anything new going forward. But this does make you an early adopter!

Being an early adopter is fun. You get to be at the forefront of new technologies. You get to be Tony Stark before anyone else.

Being an early adopter can be a bit of a pain. There might be bugs. There might be missing features. The APIs are subject to change.

The good news is, we’re providing extra hands on support during the early adopter phase. That’s the point of the Slack group (Invitation). Come in, ask questions, and we’ll help you debug as much as possible. We’ll listen to your feedback, and you can help shape this toolkit.

For this first release, we’ve tested with the following platforms:

  • MacOS Sierra
  • Windows 10
  • HoloLens
  • Oculus
  • iPhone (iPhone X)
  • Android (Pixel 2)

We would love to hear about your experience on other platforms and devices. If you run into any issues please let us know, and we’ll help as much as possible.

We can’t wait to work with you, and see what you come up with. Let’s build the future together!