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A Lexicon Workspace is a Unity asset that defines a set of intents to be used together. Those intents in turn define the entities to be used. You can think of it as a tree structure, with the workspace as the root, intents as the branches, and entities as the leaves. The workspace is also responsible for syncing with the Watson cloud.

Create a Workspace by right clicking in the Project view and choosing Create > Lexicon > Workspace. Give the workspace a name and optionally a description. Add intent assets to the intent list. Check the Watson Speech to Text and Assistant settings. Finally, Sync both services. The Status will update to Training when the sync is successful, and to Available when training is complete.


A Unity project can have several workspaces, although only one can be active at a time.

The Speech to Text and Assistant settings both expose a language parameter. At this time we can only guarantee support for the English language. You are welcome to play around with other languages, however, and let us know how it goes! We will offer support where we can. See the Watson documentation for Speech to Text Language Models and Assistant Supported Languages. Note that not all languages support custom language models.