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You’ve imported the Watson and Lexicon plugins, entered your credentials, and synced the sample workspace with the cloud. Great! Now you’re ready to try a sample scene.

Make sure you’ve plugged in a good microphone (built-in laptop mics are often subpar). See Troubleshooting for more info.

Basic Sample

Basic Sample

  1. Open the Basic scene located in the Lexicon/Samples/Scenes folder
  2. Press Play in the editor
  3. Click once in the Game view to focus mouse events
  4. Start speaking. Dictation results should appear at the bottom
  5. Try some of the following phrases, while using the mouse to point at the chess board and at objects (note that clicking is not required)
    • “Create a red queen here”
    • “Create a blue box here”
    • “Move this one here”
    • “Make this one bigger”
    • “Make this one bigger and this one smaller”
    • “Create a pawn here and a knight here”

Note that the words “here” and “this” are operative. When you say “here” you get the position under the mouse at that moment in time. When you say “this” you get the object under the mouse at that moment in time. Be mindful of where the pointer is when you say each word!

VR Sample

VR Sample

The VR sample places you on the chess board. Move with the mouse and keyboard. Use the same commands as the Basic Sample.

When you’re ready to try in VR, check Virtual Reality Supported in the Player Settings. Put on your VR headset and press play. Use your gaze as a pointer, and try the same commands as before.

Mouse and keyboard movement are disabled when Virtual Reality Supported is checked.

After using a VR headset, Unity sometimes has trouble switching back to a different microphone. You may have to restart the editor.

HoloLens Sample

For the HoloLens Sample, you’ll need the following settings:

Build the Visual Studio project and run from there. The Speech to Text window will open in front of you at startup. Assuming your space is already mapped the cursor should snap to the surfaces around you. Try the same commands as before.

* IL2CPP is not fully supported, but does work with some versions of Unity. We’ve had the most success with 2017.3

This sample does not work in the editor.