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Let’s create your first Unity project with Lexicon!

We recommend Unity 2017

  1. Create a new project
  2. Import the IBM Watson Unity SDK from the Unity Asset Store
  3. Import the Mixspace Lexicon plugin from the Unity Asset Store
  4. Find the Lexicon menu item at the top, and choose Credentials
  5. Enter your IBM Watson credentials for the services you created earlier

Securing your credentials

Lexicon stores your Watson credentials in the editor PlayerPrefs. This means they are not included in your project’s Assets or Library folder. That’s a good thing! This means you can’t accidentally check them into source control or share them with a zipped up project.

When you make a build, Lexicon uses the build hooks to put your credentials into a resource file for access on the device. This is fine for development purposes, but you’ll want to take further steps to secure your credentials before releasing any apps. We’ll tackle this issue in a future blog post.