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Mixspace Lexicon allows you to design your natural language interface directly in the Unity editor. See the documentation on Intents and Entities to learn more. For now, let’s learn how to sync a workspace with the IBM Cloud.

  1. Find the Sample Workspace asset in the Lexicon/Samples/Workspaces folder
  2. View the asset in the Inspector
  3. Expand the Speech to Text Settings
    • Check that the Speech to Text URL matches your credentials
    • Check the Create Custom Model box if you signed up for the standard service
  4. Expand the Assistant Settings
    • Check that the Workspace URL matches your credentials
    • DO NOT set the Workspace Id, this will be generated for you
  5. Click the Sync Watson Speech to Text button (if creating a custom model)
  6. Wait for the status to change to Available
  7. Click the Sync Watson Assistant button
  8. Wait for the status to change to Available

You can sync both services simultaneously, but we suggest doing the initial sync in two steps in case of issues.

Once both services are Available you’re ready to try the samples!